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MSRP: $16.99$14.99

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MSRP: $16.99$14.99

MSRP: $16.99$14.99

MSRP: $16.99$14.99

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MSRP: $8.99$7.99

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MSRP: $14.99$9.99

Change of Heart - Poster

Change of Heart

Season 1 - DVD 5

Change of Heart is the 5th DVD in season 1 of When Calls the Heart series. Elizabeth and Jack's relationship blossoms into romance.

WCTH - Change of Heart200
Second Chances - Poster

Second Chances

Season 1 - DVD 4

Second Chances is the 4th DVD in season 1 of When Calls the Heart series. As Elizabeth and Jack fight to restore their relationship, she searches for …

WCTH - Second Chances199
The Dance - Poster

The Dance

Season 1 - DVD 3

The Dance is the 3rd DVD release in season 1 of When Calls the Heart series. New miners arrive in Coal Valley in preparation for the reopening of the …

WCTH - The Dance198
A Telling Silence - Poster

A Telling Silence

Season 1 - DVD 2

A Telling Silence is the 2nd DVD release in season 1 of When Calls the Heart series. Feeling sorry for 8-year-old mute Rosaleen Sullivan, teacher Eliz…

WCTH - A Telling Silence196
Lost and Found - Poster

Lost and Found

Season 1 - DVD 1

Lost and Found is the 1st DVD release in season 1 of When Calls the Heart series. Socialite Elizabeth Thatcher isn't sure what to expect when she beco…

WCTH - Lost and Found195
When Calls the Heart - Poster

When Calls the Heart

The When Calls the Heart Pilot film is what got the Hallmark Channel's TV series started. Based in the Canadian frontier in 1910, Elizabeth Thatcher (…

When Calls the Heart194
My Name is Paul - Poster

My Name is Paul

There are two sides to every story

My Name is Paul takes place in an apocalyptic dark future where Paul is hate-filled and intent on finding and destroying Peter, a Christian and the en…

My Name is Paul193
Journey to Grace - Poster

Journey to Grace

The Hansie Cronje Story

Journey To Grace is the true story of Hansie Cronje, a classical prodigal son story. It takes us on a journey through South Africa, India and England …

Journey to Grace191
Rogue Saints - Poster

Rogue Saints

Discover the Real Treasure!

Rogue Saints - Discover the Real Treasure! When childhood friends Nick and Dylan run out of money, they remember the story of a huge diamond buried un…

Rogue Saints192
The Perfect Summer - Poster

The Perfect Summer

In The Perfect Summer, fatherless teenager Jake is happy living in Chicago, until his mother decides to uproot them to a small surfing town where her …

The Perfect Summer184
CAMP - Poster


CAMP, is about a boy who is filled with rage from physical abuse but seeks love and approval from his camp counselor. Over the course of camp, the cou…

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